Foto Klaus Renzel


The French tradition

The incomparable and wonderful art of movement as an illusion, the game with gravity, to be dumb and still be able to say more than somebody speaking - all that makes French pantomine everlasting. Over and over again I use this classical art of movement. It belongs to my craft and always finds a place in my programmes - whether as clown in hospital and old people`s homes or traditionally with a white made up face.

The pantomime can create walls and objects where there were none before, can set off a raging storm in a room with no wind at all, and breathes life into the figures of the story. He can act anywhere, without scenery and requisites, and can transport the audience through magic into other spheres.

Renzel does pantomime as a programme for the whole evening, or can greet your guests as a walk on act at receptions, congresses or trade fairs.

Length:5 minutes up to the whole evening