Foto Klaus Renzel

Comedy: Golf

Here you can experience the game of golf as a comedy, served up by the mafia boss Don Puttone.
Each shot from him becomes a dangereous shot at making the audience laugh. His game should really be top secret but the Don is somehow suspicious the way he looks for his golf ball. The audience becomes more and more interested, which confuses our poor old mafioso more and more so that he loses his Italian nonchalance and starts a battle against himself and his golf equipment. Putter and Ball dont`t want to obey him anymore, set themselves up against the laws of gravity and seem to have a life of their own.
The audience enjoys a comedy show which is masterfully acted by the musical mime Klaus Renzel.

Location: on stage or as a Walk Act on the green
Stage: 3 x 4m
Equipment: transmission and amplification of voice and instruments
when requested a PA system
Length: 20 minutes