Foto Klaus Renzel

Enter the Gitarobatrix

Is there any other show act with such an unusual summit meeting on stage?

Virtuoso musicality and French pantomime come together with a clownlike playfulness, consult with each other and send out an ambassador, a man whose bald head has been discovered as a venue for a multmedial artistic experi- ment :"Enter the Gitarobatrix".
In order that he does not lose anybody Klaus Renzel keeps his listeners on the right track through singing, music making and imitating all kinds of noises. And the whole time he never tires of telling the audience how much he loves them on all kinds of instruments - some large, some small and some impossibly small. When a lady captures his heart he then starts to play "Für Elise", but lovestruck loses his way and starts an amazing journey through a musical cosmos. After he has landed he ignites together with his guests an exciting flamenco firework.
In the Grand finale the audience laugh and sweat in a Spanish inferno ...

Location: theatre stages, town and theatre festivials
Stage size: 3 x 4 Meter
Equipment: transmission and amplification of voice and instruments, when requested a PA system
Length: 90 minutes
Galas: excerpts of 10 - 45 minutes